Play and have loads of fun playing Football but with a twist- Bubble Football

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Bubble football is same a football but with a twist and the twist is the players have to wear a zorb that covers the payer’s head and upper-body. It can be played in indoors as well as outdoors (on grass). Bubble football is an excellent way to have fun with your family or friends without worrying about injuries.

This game is getting extremely popular as people from all around the world are playing it. Child over 10 years old can play this.


Overview of Bubble Football

It is same a normal football, in this game, there are two teams of 6 or more players each. One of the most interesting and good rules is that each team has to have one female member. Each team can have 6 females but cannot have all male members.

As for the time- it is a game of (four) 8-minute quarters and a 3-minute break between each quarter.

This game also has goals, penalties like football. But there is a twist in it. The twist is teams will not have any goalkeeper, which is fair and fun because an all players get to engage in the action. There is also no offside.


Here is a guide on how to play Bubble football and tips:


1. The difficult thing is to balance yourself and kick the ball while you do that. So make sure you think about your space and hold on to your ground.

2. Do not aim your ball low. You may think that it will be great but it won’t be. So speed and higher aim will give more advantage to the player you are going to pass on the ball.

3. The aim and the fun of the game is to fall around all the time. But make you are fully strapped in, although the zorb is like a big cushion around you but still give your attention to the safety.

4. It is one of the exhausting game there is, hence the break after each quarter of 8 minutes. So rest well, you will need your strength for the next one.

5. And final tip is to have fun and push on. Target someone and attack. Falling and collision is the actual purpose of the game.

Bubble Football is a bit silly, bit fun and bit of healthy too. As we being lazy, you and your friends can have loads of fun and burn a lot calorie paying this game. No one will feel they are exercising, they will think they are playing and having fun.