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If you are hunting down a zorb ball fro commercial use, there a couple of different assortments that have different capacities. The principal I will portray is the monster inflatable ball which can come as large as ten feet wide. These are the sort of things you may have seen ricocheting around the group of onlookers at a show or wearing occasion. They are bunches of fun and since they are so huge, you can see them from exceptionally far away. At that point you have the zorb ball fro commercial use that are made to fit a man inside that are normally seven feet in distance across. There is the essential human circle which you may have seen on “American Gladiators” that you can race or move through a snag course. You kick it into high gear inside and roll the ball forward by strolling or running. These can be extraordinary fun as aggressive or group building exercises. A variety of the human circle is the water circle, which as should be obvious from the name, is intended to be used in the water. As a matter of fact, it is made to be used on the water, as you get inside and walk or buoy on the surface of the water. These are frequently alluded to as a stroll on water ball.

Bubble football commonly known as zorbing football is one of the latest fun games to enjoy with your family, friends or even yourself when you need a little leisure time after a busy week along. It is more fun when you play with your friends as a fighting game and rolling inside the large inflatable balls. You can buy your bubble soccer or search for a venue that offers bubble fun entertainment in your city and bubble football for sale.

Buying your bubble soccer is the best option you have it all the time, and you can play whenever you want, your family and kids can also enjoy together with you. You also need not worry about safety as they are much safer than other games, the material make is strong to withhold the compressed air with your weight no matter the collisions you may encounter when rolling down.


The companies who sell these bubble soccer accessories have training experts and grounds so that you may learn before purchasing if you want to ensure your safety. Children are always happy when you take them to bubble soccer event when they spin, have hearty laughs and spinning all around the field because these balls are lighter than most sports equipment.

These game have no specific roles; one only needs to put on the bubble football suits, spin around crashing the opponents and aiming to shoot the goal post and become the winners. One can crash as many times as possible without getting hurt or damage the ball. The fun can be played at events such as bridal showers, kickoffs, birthday parties and any other party where the fun is needed.

With all these fun, you now need to have your bubble soccer, just search for bubble football for sale on the internet and select from the limitless sellers. Some bubble soccer sellers are more affordable than others and even make deliveries to your choice. They come in different varieties including those for children and adults, size and amazing colors, call the online sellers today and make the purchase and also get help to assist you to start up. It’s one of the best fun items you can own.


Bubble football, as a new ball game has attracted the attention of a lot of people. It is a great way to exercise, whether you are playing or watching, you can get a lot of fun from it. In the past several years, we have become familiar with football. It is one of the most popular sport in the world ,which has achieved great success all over the world.


However, people know few information about bubble football. Bubble football was Evolved from the traditional football. Although, bubble football is in the same field as football, it differs from football in many ways. Playing football has number of restrictions, while playing bubble football you would not worry about it too much. What you should do is to devote yourselves into playing it. Understanding the difference between bubble football and football is a special pleasure. People can get both physical and mental relaxation while bumping and running. Many people describe bubble football unpredictable and weird, but in fact, it is a adventure which is full of entertainment. Bubble football, the safest version of football, attracted Europeans’ attention, now it comes to all over the world.

Bubble football was originated in the European, and it is a football competition that it needs to put the participants in the transparent bubble balls which are made of plastic materials. Do you just sit in front of the TV and watch the goal highlights? Or keep the computer keyboard to show your understanding of the football?


You are not able to keep the pace of the Times. Regardless of the adept football skills and excellent and professional equipment, you are the best one and you can play it follow your heart in the process of the bubble football. Of course, goal is the final aim in this ball game, but the real fun is to push and knock over the others. As a game of needing physical strength, bubble football can be said to not only a game but also an exercise. The bubble football is very popular among teenagers in the European. There are lots of bubble football competitions everywhere in the whole world, almost everyone will immerse in the charm of the bubble football. And in the game, you don’t know when do the competitors will come to you and rob the football which is in your hand by knocking you down.

Bubble Football is actually a unique and enjoyable method to play football: within a bubble! This particular sport is appropriate for everyone and even though you may have never ever kicked a football or even scored any goal, don’t get worried since Bubble Football doesn’t demand much technique! In the following paragraphs, we will describe how to enjoy Bubble Football so that you can know about this fashionable sport.

1. The key feature of this game is that participants need to be within giant bubbles (air balls which enclose their bodies from top to bottom). The ball has got harnesses which are placed on the shoulders just like a backpack and help to keep the ball affixed to the body.

2. To try out bubble football you need to remember that in this particular sport there are no regulations! The manner in which you begin is the same as for standard soccer matches, that is, there are 2 teams whose purpose is to place the ball into the opposition goal. But in contrast to conventional football, for bubble football you will find no guidelines and participants can “tackle” others to fall to the ground and also bounce around within the bubble.

3. Whilst there are no guidelines, there are several Bubble Football regulations to make the game entertaining and thus make sure that all players have a great time. For instance, you need to know that:

There is no goalkeeper, therefore, nobody stands in the goal but instead all the participants must go for the ball.

In case the ball goes out of the field, it is regarded as out and has to be placed back into play just like football.

Nobody can leave the bubble throughout the match and in case the ball gets into the goal, the game will halt to take the ball out and again put it back on the playing arena.

4. Bubble Soccer is really an ideal sport for a party or any special occasion and anywhere you would like everyone to have lots of enjoyment. For instance, it is strongly recommended for kid’s parties, for celebrating a birthday or maybe at stag parties.

"Bubble Soccer"

Bubble football has attracted the line of sight of lots of people. In 2011,bubble football was bored in Norwegian, and was played in the local television when it was invented at first.


Football has been a part in our lives in the North American over past several decades, and in 1800,this sport was divided into two groups –soccer and American football. Football is really one of popular hobbies in the world, it was loved in over two hundred countries, especially in the European. Football has a rapid development in the American these years, and football has been a popular sport among teenagers .But football has been recognized as a slow movement, maybe this is the reason why football is less popular than basketball. Now bubble football was created based on the normal football to give people laughter and cheers. Bubble football is very dynamic and is full of entertaining as a ball game. It can be regarded as the security version of normal football, because participants wear the bubble ball in order to protect themselves. Its design inspiration was part of football, pillow fight and comedy, so it both filled with entertainment and the competitive spirit. Its goal is same to the regular football, just knock the ball in .And i really think that there will be regretful if not playing the game which is so funny.

You should try the Bubble football; a brand new sports and a popular soccer you can enjoy with your family over the weekends, on holidays, on their birthdays parties or your friend’s wedding events, clubs corporate events, bachelorette parties, and much more. It’s a game of no rule, with more fun than soccer; just wear the bubble football suits, crash on each other and shoot to the goal to win.

But the thing is, as a team game you have to score more goals than the opposing team. This means you will collide with one another which bring about hilarious results. The inflated bubble balls make you spin, bounce if you want to, not to mention laugh all the way, and the balls protect you on every angle, but professional services do play its part on the same.

You might be wondering

Any Age Limit?

Yes, recommended age is five years no maximum as long as you are in good health. No minimum weight but the maximum is around 220lbs.

Anything to consider?

Yes, the size and the material especially, there are different sizes you can choose from, dimensions ranging from 1.2 m to 1.7m and the one you pick will depend on the players weight and size. Materials are usually thick PVC or polyester TPU. Remember that you will be playing outdoors on Astro Turf, or grass, if not in the sports hall, so do ensure that the ground you are playing on is level, or free from rock and debris, what’s more? Don’t play in bad weather and remember the game is exhausting, so be prepared to sweat.

When hiring a professional bubble football operator, choose a package that will best suit you, because the cost will be based on the number of participants; the longer the event, the cheaper it gets. A firm that provides the highest quality equipment rentals will also come in handy.


Bubble football is a real good news to some football fans!

Are you still watching the league football matches on the TV?Are you still been daydreaming to be a football ace who is same with Mason?Are you still playing football in computer games?why not playing real football ?Maybe you will say you are lack of motor cell,maybe you are afraid of been hurt.


Maybe you are worry about your disadvantages and so on.Now bubble football is a game which can meet your need with football.Bubble football can make you be “Mason” at a moment. Bubble football still keeps some rules of football match.So you can still enjoy the fun of football .In addition,bubble football match has more fun than football match. It is easier and safer than football match.players are just packed by a transparent and plasic space ball and try every way to rush the bubble football to your opponents’ football net.what’s more important,you don’t have to obey the rules and don’t worry about getting hurt.Therefore,bubble football is a good news to football fans.

Barely a decade since the inception of bubble soccer as it is commonly referred, the fascinating new sport has drawn a massive following from soccer lovers all over the continent. A video that made rounds in the internet uploaded from Europe popularized the crazy new sport garnering millions of views on YouTube in just a week. This was the beginning of an interesting new era in the field of soccer as everyone wanted to try. Lee Mosley the father of the bubble soccer, though failed to woo investors to finance his new company opted to do it with his wife and the outcome was tremendous.

The sport involves fourteen players each with their torso encased in a gigantic inflated bubble, popularly called the bubble suits fight for the ball possession, and unlike in the usual soccer match where players can navigate the ball with their legs without necessarily touching their opponents, bubble football will demand that you knock off your opponent to gain control of the ball. Now the interesting part and the most cherished moment in the game is when one is knocked to the ground and his/her bubble faces upside down. Everyone will be laughing their lungs out making it even harder to get back on your feet.


It is inarguable that bubble football has brought life to the traditional football bringing new fanatics who would otherwise not spend their 90 minutes cheering a football match. The sport has received an overwhelming fun base; being played in all kinds of events. Any day you think of organizing a kids’ festival, a team building event, charity event or even a corporate function, try incorporating the bubble soccer in the events schedule and you will be sure to have a memorable event. Bubble soccer is characterized by the correct equipment of the sport most importantly the bubble suits. Bubble suits are the face of the game and are available for sale in most of the leading stores. Be a part of this revolutionary sport, get your suit and match to the pitch!

Here is a very funny ball game named bubble football is loved by all of us. Today, i will introduce the bubble football game in detail to those who is not familiar with this ball game. As we all know, football has a long development history, the bubble football is invented based on the normal football with the passage of time. Football has get a rapid development in the American these years because that adults are willing to buy the football for theirs children in the in the 70’s.And the immigrants from the European and Latin American was contributed to the soaring development too.


Football has been a popular sport which teenagers fanatically pursue of, Football is a movement that is relatively safe, but it cannot avoid the injuries completely. But in the bubble football game, with the protection of the bubble ball which surround you, you can be sure to avoid some injuries. The bubble football is an interesting ball game, so if you are boring or have nothing to do, i think that the bubble football will be a good choice. Bubble football can bring you excitement. However ,if you have something wrong with your health, please find other games and just leave the bubble football game alone.