If you are hunting down a zorb ball fro commercial use, there a couple of different assortments that have different capacities. The principal I will portray is the monster inflatable ball which can come as large as ten feet wide. These are the sort of things you may have seen ricocheting around the group of onlookers at a show or wearing occasion. They are bunches of fun and since they are so huge, you can see them from exceptionally far away. At that point you have the zorb ball fro commercial use that are made to fit a man inside that are normally seven feet in distance across. There is the essential human circle which you may have seen on “American Gladiators” that you can race or move through a snag course. You kick it into high gear inside and roll the ball forward by strolling or running. These can be extraordinary fun as aggressive or group building exercises. A variety of the human circle is the water circle, which as should be obvious from the name, is intended to be used in the water. As a matter of fact, it is made to be used on the water, as you get inside and walk or buoy on the surface of the water. These are frequently alluded to as a stroll on water ball.